How can I change the data I have submitted in my profile?

Users can edit and hide personal information that they have submitted by clicking ‘My Profile’ once logged in to the portal.

How do I track news items about people and businesses that I am interested in?

Users are able to specify which companies and people they are interested in by going to "My Profile" and then "My People" or "My Companies" and adding the relevant search term. Alternatively, you can add a subject or company to your list from within the company or person's record by clicking "Track Subject".

When I try to login to the portal, the system returns me to the home page, and I am sure that I typed correct username and password.

Cookies need to be enabled on your computer in order to access the site. If you are using Internet Explorer, this function can be enabled clicking on Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy Tab -> Sites, where in the field Address of website: write www.poslovna.hr and click Allow and then OK.

If you are using Firefox, click on Tools -> Options -> Privacy Tools -> Options -> Privacy. And then OK.

After changing your settings, close and restart your browser and try again. If you still have trouble with the login contact us by phone or by e-mail.

How can I change my Password after registration?

A new password can be set by choosing the link "My account" (under "My Profile") and making the changes in this section.

I forgot my password?

In the case of forgotten password we kindly ask you to contact us by phone or by e-mail.