Privacy policy

How do we get our data?

Data published in Business Croatia is gathered from numerous public sources, including public registers, official media, media and web, and directly form the entrepreneurs, managers and other person related to business, with their consent.

Protection of Privacy

To register for our services, users are obliged to provide accurate personal information either through our online registration form or to one of our customer service representatives via telephone or in written format. By registering with, the user gives express consent to the publisher to store and publish their information on it’s business information site where it will be made available to other registered users. The user will be able to hide certain elements of the data submitted through settings in their personal profile.

The information provided will occasionally be used to send you information regarding new updates and changes to our products and services. By submitting these details, the user gives to the publisher consent to make the information available to other companies in its own group, as well as other carefully selected 3rd parties whose services we think may be of interest. The publisher will remove users from this list upon request.

Data collected by is stored in a secure and protected database located in the Republic of Croatia. Access to this database is restricted to authorized persons. The publisher is obligated to take prescribed technical, personnel and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data necessary to protect it from accidental loss or destruction, illegal access, unauthorized changes, unauthorized publishing, and any other abuse.